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Vaginal Health Coaching

Vaginal Health Coaching

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A 90 min /  Hour conversation where we focus on the basics on balancing the vaginal pH, hormones, fertility naturally to prevent infections and reproductive issues.

We will cover : What herbs to take for vaginal infections, PCOS/hormonal imbalances. The root causes/triggers to your vaginal + reproductive imbalances. Natural alternatives. How to shift our mindset to be consistent with changes. Better food choice for the vagina!


This talk will provide knowledge to help strengthen your overall hormones, blood sugar balance, the liver, the immune system, mineral and vitamins support. As all of these functions play a role into our vaginal and reproductive health. You will leave this conversation understanding and ease how to balance your Vaginal Flora.


Please give 1 day for a response to schedule consult.

You will receive a email with further instruction for the consultation after purchase!

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