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Meet The Founder

Hey ya'll!

Welcome to "Herb Mamaz Shop". I'm Jocelyn, the founder :). Many may know me formerly as Actually Alkaline, this was my very first herb shop. As my life evolved, my herbal business has as well. "Herb Mamaz Shop" was established in 2021. I began my herbal journey 2018 when I heard about a herbalist Dr.Sebi, since then my world opened up very much. A mom of 2, with a family who looks up to me to lead and break many generational curses. This is how the name "Herb Mamaz" resonates with me and my journey. Created "Herb Mamaz Shop" to provide the people herbz, perspective, balance and a open space. The Shop is ran by a family dynamic, we have 4 team members that help Me run the show. I hope you find exactly what you need and enjoy the journey you're on. I'm very thankful to be trusted with your health and healing. Herb Mamaz Shop is for any and everyone wanting growth.

With Love,

Herb Mamaz