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“Chlorophyll” capsules

Did you know Chlorophyll is naturally alkalizing, balances the body's PH levels and promotes good overall function? 

Our herbal Chlorophyll blend of Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Papaya leaf, Nettle leaf contains all basic minerals, vitamins, nutrients needed to support our immune system, reproductive health, hormonal balance, iron levels and to detoxes metals + toxins from the body.

This herbal combination is potent in natural Fiber, Protein, Electrolytes,  Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K, Iron, Folic acid, Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Antioxidants, Bioflavonoids, Amino acids, Selenium, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties !!

 Studies show : 

"A study found that chlorophyll significantly reduced the number of trimethylamines, the odor-causing molecules responsible for the fishy smell in bacterial vaginosis"


"Chlorophyll has strong antimicrobial powers that can work to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus"


"Chlorophyll has been shown to be effective against a type of fungus known as Candida albicans, the culprit behind yeast infections and oral thrush "


"Chlorophyll has been shown to balance hormones and improve thyroid function. It helps regulate the hormones that prompt us to feel full, reduces sugar cravings, suppressing your appetite, increases the metabolism while decreasing insulin spikes throughout the day and reducing fat in the body”


Studies shows chlorophyll reduces acne breakouts, heals the skin faster, eases itchy skin, improve skin texture, while cleansing the blood of toxins to prevent further breakouts


Studies show Chlorophyll can help prevent and clear vaginal infections due to its key nutrients to help prevent vaginal infections like vitamin A,C,E,K, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, zinc


Studies show Chlorophyll can help those that experience PCOS symptoms by helping balance hormones and thyroid function, decreasing insulin spikes, while balancing the metabolism.


Studies show Chlorophyll increases natural energy levels with its high nutrient content, relieving those of fatigue



High in natural chlorophyll, complete source of protein, binds the metals + toxins in the body to  detox, boost the antibodies in the body to fight infections + diseases, rich in fiber, high in Vitamin C , Vitamin B12, Folic acid, Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, aids in weight management



High in natural chlorophyll, improves blood sugar levels +hormonal balance. Contains all minerals known to man + vitamins A, B, C, K, suppresses sugar cravings



High in natural chlorophyll,  antioxidants,  anticancer, and antibacterial effects. Papaya leaf extracts were shown to increase platelet counts! Also contain high amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K, and B and minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium magnesium and iron. Known to reduce inflammation of the stomach lining and gastric ulcers



High in natural chlorophyl. Known to treat painful muscles and joints, UTIs, eczema, arthritis, eases allergies , supports prostate health, high minerals supporting hair, nail and skin health 


80 Vegetable Capsules

Herbal Supplement



**If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or on any medication please consult with your healthcare provider before using any herbal products. Do not exceed recommended dosage. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is for educational purposes only This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease Due to FDA regulations we are prohibited from offering medical advice regarding the use of our products. Use this product under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional**





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