Hi, Welcome to our herb shop :)We understand there can many questions on what herbs to take, especially if herbs are new to you. Our herb shop provides foundational and organic herbs that are safe for most ages. From our Pregnant Mama Set to our Aligned Set we provide herbs to elevate sexual, iron, mental, women, men health


Herbs from our shop we suggest for :

if you are experiencing chronic vaginal infections like BV, Yeast Infections, UTIs, pH imbalances, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, Menopause, irregular periods, painful cramps during cycle, heavy bleeding during cycle, healing from a miscarriage or abortion. Overall womb wellness

Vaginal/Womb Health - Aligned Wombman + Multi Mineral Sea Moss/ Sea Moss Gel+ Ginger 

if you are experiencing chest pains, heartburn, fatigue, bloating, not normal bowel movements, excessive snoring, soft erections, 

Prostate/Men Health - Aligned Man + Multi Mineral Sea Moss / Sea Moss Gel + Chaga

Sexual Health - Aligned Love + Ginger 

Mental Health - Aligned Mind + Multi Mineral Sea Moss / Sea Moss Gel

Pregnancy Health - Pregnant Mama Set